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Connie’s Tiffs: There is a difference between a woman and a lady


I needed some fresh air just the other day, so I settled for this seemingly quiet place. But oba I regretted immediately after the first hour?

Well, a certain group of people walked in. Two women (you will understand later why I didn’t say ladies) and two gentlemen.

They then set out on a booze attacking spree. But after downing just two bottles, one of the women’s mind started going berserk, I think.

“No, I think this Mark boyfriend of mine started cheating on me since way back. Yes his whatsapp status was ‘I love you’ when he asked me out,” went the babe in the loudest tone. After which she went on and on about stuff that anyone would conclude was most suited for their private life.

At first I wondered who had let this local lot into this place (judging by their conversation). Then I quickly switched to the look of embarrassment on the guys’ faces and so many things run through my head. I mean this woman had said so many awkward things for all to hear and I wondered why some people cannot play a much better effort at being ladies than women.

I felt so embarrassed on behalf of her company that I ended up leaving the place.

Sometimes people do things that end up shocking you and force you to wonder if their friends talk to them after the incidents so that they never occur again. I rarely do this but I felt for the guy who was by her side as the supposed spouse mbu. And further wondered if this woman would rant if she woke up the next day and they had broken up. Weird I know!

In my view, no human being would appreciate it if their dirty linen was washed out in public. We meet strangers every day and might never know where our next meeting point could be. Now if one dates or is with the kind of people who just yap whenever the need arises, then it can be a sad story altogether.

But I guess that is a secret that can only differentiate a lady from a woman and a gentleman from just any man, huh?

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