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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs: We need to thoroughly screen who we let into the country


What do you do when a bunch of spoilers come through, to soil the little effort being made as a nation to wipe out some gruesome acts like rape, domestic violence, child abuse, name it?

To be honest, I have had it with some of these foreigners that come here to taint the word “foreigners” and further abuse our us in the most horrible of ways. The most recent story of the 23-year-old, who was allegedly gang raped by a group of Pakistan citizens had me numb with rage.

And this is not the first of its kind considering we have previously had cases of another foreigner using young girls for his own pleasure only to get a light punishment at the end of it all.

So one wonders what is wrong with some of our authorities really. For a case that happened weeks after the Minister for youth Ronald Kibuule declared that it is okay for girls in miniskirts to be raped, we wonder whether he still is proud of that statement.

What annoys me further is that the woman says she tried to have her voice heard and some wrong people at the police had the audacity to request her to let it go? Perhaps this was instigated by the loose talk from authorities like the Youth MP, you know?

Anyways, if an authority meant to help one out of such a tight situation suggests that they ignore the bitter reality then who is going to save this nation from such vultures? Who is going to help? At this rate, we should get strict with who we let into this country of ours. Yes, when we get the chance to travel to other countries, it never comes easy. Background checks are done, to leave no stone unturned, such that by the time we make it there, the authorities on the other side are certain that they are letting in a clean citizen. But the fact that wrong people keep coming through (evidenced by the rate at which our people are treated like dogs) shows that our systems are either not solid enough or these guys are just too sharp.

Nonetheless, it’s high time we did something about it. Something that will protect the children, women of this country who have from time to time fallen prey to some of these wicked beings.

And this does not imply that we have to wait for the worst to happen. It starts with you and me and how to ensure we do not just fall for all the wicked traps.

I hope that as Kibuule reads through all these wicked crimes, he did not think of asking if the victim was wearing a short skirt the first time this sick guy saw her on duty hence coming off as the right victim for the “gang rape” escapade!

Now this latter topic is also another long topic of its own, that will be handled another day, right?

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