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Connie’s Tiffs: Being Godly doesn’t mean being poor

“As poor as a church mouse,” goes one common English adage. And I guess this is the line that has contributed to some confusion.

For example, recently when word broke that gospel artiste Judth Babirye, plans to stand for woman Member of Parliament for the new Buyende District, the news was received with mixed reactions.

While a good number of people were happy about it, another lot took to playing the judge and jury. One particular comment caught my attention: “Judith has now become greedy. At first she rejected the PAM award, claiming it did not favour her faith before she embraced it all in the name of ‘winning souls’. Now, she wants to stand for MP. Hasn’t she had enough? This is so unchristian. Let her just stick to singing after all these born agains do not need the money.” Okay, at the end of the day, we are entitled to our opinions, but who tells such people that by being born again, one has to lack ambition? Who has assured these people that being born again means a permanent sentence to poverty?

Jennifer Musisi and Allen Kagina are examples of people who are open about their situation with the Lord and still manage to be women of influence at work and in society. Come to think of it, if God created the universe so why should those who trust in him suffer?

Back to the point. If Judith Babirye is indeed interested in standing for MP, I see no problem with that. Nobody said that being a gospel artist implies that one has to be too rigid to use their brains, zeal and will to make a difference.

At the end of the day, we are all human beings, with equal opportunities and how we harness them is a choice based entirely on us.

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