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The Music Video: Sejjusa – Mun-G ft. Naava

Mun G

Mun-G’s videos always deliver on one thing, and that’s comedy. The Sejjusa music video (no connection whatsoever to the renegade general), begins with the funny Mun-G owning up to the act.

The acrobatics’ dances give us a sneak-peek of what to expect in the video. You get carried away by the soothing background of palm trees at the beginning. One gets to like the part where Mun-G sits on the head of an acrobat and plays away in a sidesplitting mode. And for the defining dance. Perhaps it should be named the ‘sejjusa’ dance-a leg to the left, then back and the middle part of the body is raised a bit, all this done in an effortless way. I am certain, Sejjusa must be practicing this dance, and it’s interestingly silly. This video is about those unique painless dance strokes that really portray the meaning of ‘sejjusa’ as a word.

Unlike most artistes, Mun-G knows how to play his role in music videos – he’s always immersed in the video giving it his best. The outdoor location is definitely a pleasing one. The number of female dancers is limited to two which is a thumbs up, because they do their dancing better than crowds of female dancers (after-all it’s about shaking it).

However, I don’t seem to like the fact that we have lots of people staring on, doing nothing in the music video. Videos are not about staring bodies but active bodies, the ones in the Sejjusa video only remember to come to full life at the end. And of course, the question is, how come Naava does not appear in the video? There are a few amateurish camera movements, and the lighting and colouring is lacking at some points.

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