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Cleo expecting Kenyan actor Lwanda’s baby


“Darlings, there’s just so much to share with you this year but one thing at a time, right?” read Cleo’s earlier post this week, which would later evolve into a journey of new revelations about her private life.

“I thank God for the gift of love. Without it, we would be cold. I’m blessed to have a wonderful man in my life; Lwanda, thank u for loving me & making me appreciate life more. I love u! May God always be with us in our union,” read a major revelation in Cleopatra Koheirwe’s post that was accompanied with a picture of the Radio City FM presenter and her boyfriend “Lwanda!”

We did a quick search and found out that Jawar Lwanda is a Kenyan model turned actor, starring as a lead actor in the M-Net series Kona where Cleo also features.

Before we could digest the info, Cleo had something new and this time more revealing, “My heart beats with yours, I feel yo every move within me. I’m so overjoyed, words can’t describe this feeling. My unborn angel, Lwanda & I await to hold you in our arms with love, God keep you & I safe till he brings you into the world.” Yes, Cleo is a mother in waiting! She also posted a photo showing off her baby bump, just for avoidance of any doubt. Cleo has in the past been linked to singer Peter Miles, but with her new posts, she has indeed made it clear to the world. Congs Cleo.

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