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The DVD: Unconditional


The director, Brent McCorkle, is very emotive in this one. As far as evoking emotion is concerned, he is on point. It is a bitter sweet tale about one woman Samantha (Lynn Collins) who is dealing with the sudden death of her husband. It is then that she bumps into her childhood best friend Papa Joe (Michael Ealy), who leads her to an amazing journey of love sharing with the children growing up in his neighbourhood that is unsafe and under-resourced. Each child has one touching story after another. It is a beautiful story that will make you think twice about helping disadvantaged children if you are helping a couple already. I probably cry more than the average person but regardless of that, you will need a couple of tissues as you watch this. Unconditional is a good movie. As I watched it, I cried, cried and cried my eyes sore. It was so much that I had to go watch it privately to stop replying to people who were asking me what was wrong. It is as intriguing as it is emotive. I wanted to know how the story ends, I wanted to know fast so I just continued watching as I cried, sniffed and mechanically dried my tears. At some point I stopped wiping the tears, it was useless, Lord, how I cried! You would think I was reading a Danielle Steel book.

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