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The DVD: The Lucky One

This movie’s setting is powerful, it makes the scenes realistic and the plot believable. The beauty of the pathways at sunset, flowing water surrounding the premises, a vintage boat that holds so many memories all make it the perfect destination for Logan (Zac Efron) who wants to get away and take his mind off a couple of things. And the fact that at the home is a pretty young lady Beth (Taylor Schilling) is an added advantage. But, there is a guy in her life.

The movie’s entry scene is misleading though. Starting off with Logan at the battle field, it leads you into thinking it is an action movie. But instead, it turns out to be a romantic movie rolling out at a laid back pace. The contrast in the entry and first scene is clever as it dupes you into watching the flick. And once you have been lured, you will not stop if for nothing else but to find out the note at which it ends. It is also a pretty clean flick with lessons to offer.

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