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The track : Love letter – Irene Ntale ft. Bebe Cool



This is good reggae right here: Good, skanking, bass-rich reggae. And yes, Bebe Cool has proven his abilities in this sphere before – no surprises there. It is Irene Ntale, this new comer who catches your attention most. It is in her ability to apply herself to a foreign genre, in a very Ugandan sense, with reasonable success, that will leave you impressed.

It is a love song, with very impressive rhythm and rhymes. She and Bebe Cool express affection to a lover who has turned their lives around because they have treated them like a true love doctor. It will jump out at you, first by the sheer infectiousness of its catchy chorus line, all the while backed by the skanking beat on the drums and a raging bass.

Ntale’s ability to sound at home and seamlessly switch from Luganda lines to English and to the Reggae characteristic Pidgin is impressive. Her vocal range is deep too. Bebe Cool, too, stands up to the moment. You will not fail to acknowledge his vocal abilities, when he applies his deep, alto-like tenor as he is singing along the chorus. It is a nice song, and it gives you that feeling that we have not yet heard the last from this Irene Ntale girl.

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