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The video was shot by Kim XP’s Seasonz 5 which proves that it’s a high-end budget video. The storyline of the Gukukakanya video make it stand out. It’s about the power of love when it comes to changing hardened hearts to soft ones.
Most impressive in the video are the costumes that Walden adorns, they identify with the Ugandan concept. And above all, the video has a Ugandan set-up as far as the location is concerned.  Walden and the characters bring a wealth of emotion to the video which further enhances the connection of the message with the visuals.  The close-up shots of Walden’s face are also commendable, at least they make us appreciate the nice make-up and ear-rings. You will also enjoy watching the couple in its 50s, wearing kanzus and gomesis as the lady struggles to take off the husband’s gum-boots and socks.
The visuals play by smoothly at a regulated pace which helps to keep the audio in sync with the visuals. If there is one thing the video proves, Walden is a natural act, she comes off very original in the video. The other reason you should watch this video is because of the controlling effect of love and how it sobers up people.
However, you get a feeling that Kim XP struggled with the night coloring and lighting at the charcoal stall location which is full of darkened images and blurs. This really corrupts what would have been a fantastic video. And there was that murderer in the video who over-forced the emotions.

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