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Who is Uganda’s fairest?

Miss Uganda Contestants

Miss Uganda Contestants

Miss uganda. 22 girls are vying for this year’s Miss Uganda crown and the pageant will be held at the Kampala Serena Hotel tomorrow evening.  Edgar R. Batte talked to the contestants

Jaylor Birungi

Age: 21.
District: Mbarara.
Occupation:  Student, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.
Why I should become Miss Uganda:
I have content that embodies beauty with a purpose, that is serving humanity, uplifting feminism and serving beyond self.
Are you a model: Yes I am.
The last time you fell on stage: I have never.
Best moment in the camp:
Interacting with the different tutors we have. With that I have learnt etiquette, grooming and appreciating my body with a single strength, which is my smile.

Elaine Kansiime
Age: 21.
District: Fort Portal.
Occupation: Student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelors Degree of Industrial Psychology.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I believe Miss Uganda is Uganda’s hope and I am that hope.
Philosophy on life: Life should be lived to the fullest. We should try to achieve our purposes in life.

Praise Kezia Tinka
Age: 24.
District: Kyenjojo.
Occupation: Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Journalism at Nkumba University,
Hobbies: Socialising, jogging and reading literature.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I love my country. I believe I have the right values and I want to reach out to women who are suffering with fistula.
My favourite junk food: Crispy fried chicken. Anyway,  junk food is not good for you. Do not try this at home.

Anita Kyarimpa
Age: 18
District: Kabale
Occupation: In her S.6 vacation.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I have lots to offer to society. I am a very giving person, strong hearted, I love people. I am very patriotic, I believe so much in charity work and good will. All I believe is what Miss Uganda should personify.
If I were Executive Director of KCCA:
Well, I believe what I would have done has been done by Jennifer  Musisi, like fixing the roads and street lights. What I can do is make sure that people in Kampala embrace these developments.

Fiona Rebecca Nassaka

Age: 23.
District: Mpigi.
Occupation: Graduate from Makerere University.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I have a purpose, which is to promote agriculture among the youths through informing the public about agriculture and its importance now that the East African market has opened up. It is influential at both the individual and country level. I am personally a mixed farmer.
If I don’t make it: I am already a winner being part of 22 girls. I don’t take failing as a failure but a learning experience. There were 200 girls to begin with.

Kezia Baribumpe Katushabe

Age: 19.
District: Kabale.
Occupation: In her S.6 vacation.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I want to stand as the voice for the voiceless, to act as an icon to improve the girl-child behaviour because these days girls’ moral behaviour is retarding.
KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi vs Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago: Jennifer Musisi because she has turned Kampala City into a developed city. I don’t know much about Lukwago anyway.

Judith Acayo Moro

Age: 23.
District: Gulu.
Occupation: Records officer.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I believe Uganda needs a woman of substance who will use her potential to bring love, compassion and peace to the people who are vulnerable in society.
My best talent: Singing, dancing, writing poetry.


District: Masindi.
Occupation: Holds a Bachelors Degree in Arts at UCU. She is inspired by her mother because she conducts herself with respect and honesty.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I believe this will become my platform to reach out to the handicapped who are affected by HIV.
My favourite model, on the catwalk: Oh My God. I am not well versed.

Mitchelle Geno
District: Kampala.
Occupation: In her S.6 vacation.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I have a dream of helping out fellow girls and I intend to empower them with lifetime skills to help them live a positive life.
Last time I burped: Yesterday. I was really full and satisfied.

Jennifer Namyalo
Age: 22.
District: Wakiso.
Occupation: Pursuing a degree in Professional Accounting(CPA).
Hobbies: Dancing, visiting the sick, orphans, acid victims and entertaining them as well as singing and making new friends.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I would like to help the deaf in Uganda, plus the sign language illiterates.
If I had to live life all over again: I believe God has created me this way and He has given me this chance, which I will use to achieve my goals.

Flosha Mukashaka
Age: 20
District: Bushenyi.
Occupation: In S.6 vacation and soon joining university to pursue studies in Mass Communication.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I am me and whatever comes with me is so unique. I want to empower the Ugandan woman, young and old, and I would like to help her consolidate her achievements.
What has made me come this far: My presence and I am determined and focused. I am graceful.

Vanessa Namalwa
Age: 20.
District: Mukono.
Occupation: Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I really want to develop talent. I believe in helping people by developing their talents. Besides, I will be able to earn as Miss Uganda. I will use what I earn to work on different causes.
The last time I cried: Last week. I had a very bad tummy ache and I could not take any medications because I react to tablets.

Florence Namwase
Age: 20.
District: Iganga.
Occupation: Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I have passion and love to help the people and bring out awareness about tuberculosis.
My favourite Miss Uganda: Fiona Bizzu. She became one at a tender age and she is a strong woman.

Brenda Ankunda
Age: 19.
District: Jinja.
Occupation: Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics and Planning.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I believe I have the potential.
My best attribute: My height. I am about 5.9.

Ketty Atim

Age: 21.
District: Gulu.
Occupation: Production and Sales Manager at a business in Gulu.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I believe I have the qualities. I am a person of integrity and I carry myself well, I respect myself and I believe if I become Miss Uganda, I will be a good role model to the rest especially the youth.
Best moment in the camp: The day I got to interact freely with the girls. And the first time we got out to Butabika and I had a good time interacting with the community and friends we found there.

Drucilla Muzira
Age: 18.
District: Jinja.
Occupation: In her S.6 vac.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: It is big. It is where every girl can come and express how they can help society. I would like to stand with the women in Uganda especially single mothers, because I have been raised by a single mother. I would like to pass my message of encouragement to single mothers.
My favourite Miss Uganda: Sylvia Namutebi. She went up to Miss World and she got many supporters which is unique.

Margaret lwanu
Age: 23.
District: Amuria.
Occupation: Working as a graphics designer.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I believe I could represent my people worldwide and most importantly, today, Uganda is leading globally with the sickle cell anaemia and this platform would be the best weapon for me to help create awareness and fight the disease.
If I don’t take the crown: I will continue creating awareness for sickle cells anaemia and work with the Miss Uganda organisation.

Stella Nantumbwe

Age: 22
District: Masaka.
Occupation: An undergraduate of Bachelors of Science in Business Computing.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: First of all I am Ugandan and that is a plus. I have very valuable knowledge that can be of use to my country and of course this will help me reach out to women with HIV/Aids because I believe it is important to address problems face.
If I were Speaker of Parliament: I believe the people in Parliament are doing a very good job but it is important to get the public a bit of a voice in what is done. I would make sure extensive research on how certain decisions we make will impact people is carried out.

Kellen Nakaye

Age: 22.
District: Kampala.
Occupation: Graduate with bachelor’s degree in Telecom Engineering.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I have a dream for my country which is to help young women and youth at large to learn to use their natural abilities to develop themselves economically.
The last time I belched: It was back then. I was with my grandmother and she calls it being a omukopi (low life).

Sandra Amongin
Age: 23
District: Bukedea.
Occupation: Student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of law at UCU Mukono.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: It will be my platform to help girls who are caught up in the abortion situation. I would like to teach them the value of life.
My favourite fashion designer: I have no favourite. Whatever is nice, I go with it.
My most embarrassing moment: I almost tripped on the opening night of Miss Uganda at Serena. People didn’t notice though.

Comfort Munduru

District: Maracha.
Occupation: Student at Uganda Christian University (UCU).
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I believe in the fight against malnutrition especially among the children and pregnant mothers.
Role model: Hon. Janet Museveni.  She inspires me with her campaign against Mother to child transmission

Margaret Munyendo
Age: 22.
District: Busia.
Occupation: Student at Kyambogo University pursuing a Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering.
Why I should become Miss Uganda: I know that I have the beauty with a purpose and I want to use it as a platform to speak to the old people in the age bracket of 70 and above because these people in Uganda are ignored. They get disabilities and cannot do much work. I want to be their voice because they matter as they nurtured us to become who we are today.
My biggest talent: Fashion. I make clothes as a designer.


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