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Hustler : Bashir Kasozi

Kasozi with his merchandise PHOTO BY I. SSEJJOMBWE

Kasozi with his merchandise PHOTO BY I. SSEJJOMBWE

What the name of your business?
Quality Sunglasses. We deal in all types of sunglasses from Ray Bans to Police, Prada, Christian Dior, Channel, Gucci and other brands.

Where is this business located?
We are on Kampala Road, just next to Royal Electronics, near Fido Dido.

When did you start this business?
In 2011.

How much was your capital?
If I remember correctly, I used about 500,000 to start it up.

How much is it worth now?
It’s worth about Shs900,000.

What are the prices of your glasses?
It depends which type you want. Ray Bans go for Shs5,000, Gucci go for Shs8,000 and Police and Channel go for Shs10,000.
How much do you make on a good day and how much do you go with on a bad day?
About Shs50,000 on a good day and Shs10,000 on a bad day.

What are some of the challenges you are facing doing this type of business?
My main challenge is the interference of Kampala City Council Authorities. They keep chasing us from the streets every now and then.

And what are the good things you have got out of this business?
I pay my tuition at Makarere University Business School and I’m able to look after myself.

How do you market your brands?
Besides selling on streets, I also take my products to events like shows and football matches, which also helps me move my merchandise.

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