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Connie’s tiffs: Why poke your nose in other people’s affairs?

Sometimes a  person wants their space and then this stranger becomes too friendly for their liking


Mind your business
Give people their space: Sometimes a  person wants their space and then this stranger becomes too friendly for their liking.

Okay, I do not know about you but I just hate it when people choose to poke their noses  in other people’s affairs.

I mean, just the other day, I went to the salon to wash my hair. With my low mood, all I needed was a quick fix, nothing more, nothing less.
Unfortunately, the salon was busy, so I decided to take a seat and wait a bit. On my immediate right, there was a lady who is probably in her late 30s. She sat comfortably (like she was in no rush at all) and kept looking around at every person that was being worked on while making a comment or two as if that was her job at the salon.

I immediately, reached out for a newspaper to pass the time as I waited for my turn. No sooner had I opened the paper than the lady switched her attention to the piece in my hands.

“Wow! That is an interesting headline. Can I have that page and read through while you peruse through the other pages?” she asked.
My non- verbal communication could have said it all but it did not get the message home. So I simply told her that I was going to read the whole paper from page one to the last page. She gave me a sheepish grin and quickly resorted to peeping from the side as I opened and read through, until a certain point when her head even rested on my shoulders.

I could have pulled away to let it drop so that she could feel my anger but instead, I moved, slightly to the left so that she could get my point.

However this babe was not ready to read between the lines. Instead she continued to initiate dialogue and it did not matter whether she got a response or not. I got so agitated that I let her have the paper only for her to  put it aside as she looked on, waiting for my next pick.

Jeez! Oba what was her problem? I wish such people knew that by the time one walks to a place, by themselves, they probably did not need everyone’s company. So, they do not have time for the small talk, let alone, people who just think everyone has to be their friend.

To be honest, this lady, made my time at the salon, uncomfortable. Some people should just learn how to read between the lines because that way, they can be able to tell, who is ready to welcome that “nose” whenever it is poked where it is not needed!

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