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The track : The Mith FT. TickTah

The Mith

The Mith

It is hard, very hard, to simply write about Tickie Tah, and his newfound dancehall secular self, all appearing in music videos with barely dressed vixens, without recalling the demon-chasing, fire-spitting mighty man of God who seemed like gospel music’s next big thing, just a few years ago. But I will not talk about that here.

He is featured alongside rapper, The Mith, on a song called Fire (Lighter), which has done its fair share of time on the dance floor circuit around this country’s entertainment districts, charming revellers as they raise their lighters (cell phones) in the air.

Yes it is a great song in basically all aspects that matter to the Ugandan listener. It has the groove. It has the hip sense of swag  hanging and draping all over it, with The Mith sounding the part of a seasoned hip-hop guru as he drops lines about this girl who is hot like fire, she burns everything in sight. Tickie Tah does the Ragga errands on the song, affirming the girl’s status as hot like fire in that ragamuffin finesse he manages flawlessly. Even writing that last sentence felt weird, Tickie Tah singing about hot girls; who knew! But oh, I promised not to talk about that here.

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