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The track :Genda Ewamwe -Maro



There comes a time when you just have to give in. You just cannot hate on kidandali, (Ugandan Ragga) forever, especially any of you snobs who limit their preferences to “exotic” tastes. You may shun kidandali songs all you want but soon, you catch yourself humming along to one of their songs, completely unscripted. Chances are you will do just that to Maro’s song, Genda Ewamwe.

It is a fine dance-floor tuned song that has two sides to it. On one side is a man who is giving a badly treated wife the medicine she needs – go back home. If a man treats you like crap, pack the heck out of his life.

And then there is the side of a man who tries to woo a woman the wrong way – by decampaigning her man. That is just plain weak. It is for men who just have no game. Tell the lady what you offer, not what her current man does not offer. But ah well, this is just a song, a fine danceable song with steady rhythm and beats, in typical Ugandan style. And that just maybe good enough.

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