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Connie’s Tiffs: Skimpily dressed at a kwanjula!


You know how wedding and introduction ceremonies have become as common as soda at every function? Yeah! Just so you know, I am so involved in these ceremonies lately, not with the huge number of my friends who are jumping the broom. I have to choose a different outfit for an event every weekend! And do not get me wrong, because I certainly do not have a problem with it. I mean, who would turn down an invitation to party for the right cause?

Zib is that some Ugandans are always determined to have our eyebrows raised high every now and then. Like some babes who showed up for an introduction ceremony last week in cocktail dresses, all looking as confident and as proud as a peacock, to our astonishment!

Eh! But some people are taking this “embracing trends” thing to another level. An evening gown to an introduction ceremony is despicable.

Looking good does not have to imply exposing flesh or not adhering to a particular event’s dress code.

Some events do not need the advice of a fashion specialist. It is as simple as using your common sense.

Uganda is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and several tribes have their traditional dress codes. Now, how one steps out of their house in a chic dress as if going for an evening outing to come to a do where people have taken time to dress decently and exude pride in their traditional outfits is just ridiculous.

Truth be told, this mentality of associating everything traditional to being “local” is so not right. Give respect where it is due. We can always look the best if we want to, especially when we take the extra mile to get it right. Think about it!

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