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Radio and weazel

Radio and weazel

When Obudde starts playing on radio, just enjoy the song, because Obudde is a very nice song indeed. And one of these days, the sheer act of calling a Weasel and Radio song, good, just may become monotonous. Obudde is the kind of song that has appeal to everybody. Time is money, a valuable resource that can never be replaced. That is the theme in the song. It is the kind of song that a father can sing to their naughty son who is losing their way, or even, one that an employer can sing to their employee who seems wayward.

You cannot help notice the chorusing at the end of the song when Weasel fondly mentions the names of fellow artistes, in an act of encouragement. He goes on to mention and refer to Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool, his arch nemeses, as brother and elder brother respectively. It almost sounded like the boys were finally maturing and offering their enemies an olive branch, although the Bebe Cool mention does sound sarcastic.

Sometimes there is very little one can say about a good song. Sometimes all you should do is sit back, and enjoy it. You just chill out; you cut all that analytical crap that we music reviewers try to get ourselves into, and enjoy the darn song.

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