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The DVD : HARD Candy

When you finish watching The Tourist in which Angelina Jolie stars, your reaction might be “what?!” silently or audibly and then you hit the replay button immediately. But after watching Hard Candy, the most likely expression is “wow”, probably repeat it a few times and may be walk away from the screen for a while. Hard Candy is shocking, utterly unpredictable and can even be a little disturbing.

It is a story about taking justice into your own hands. And the person expected to be a predator is not who you think it is. A 14-year-old girl Hayley (Ellen Page) storms the home of photographer Jeff (Patrick Wilson), 32 who she suspects to be a paedophile. When she corners him, Hayley does the unthinkable to him. The movie is cleverly done in a way that you don’t get to see the ugly details of what she does to him. But her facial expressions’ and comments give more than enough for a clear imagination. If you are looking for unpredictable, find this one!

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