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Zari back with Ivan, bringing Lambo to town

“I am strong because I know my weaknesses, I am wise because I’ve been foolish, I laugh because I’ve known sadness, I am a stronger woman now… Many lessons learned!” socialite Zari posted the above comment on her wall shortly before a picture of her and fiancé Ivan Semwanga was posted on her wall. We can reliably confirm that Zari is officially back with the father of her three children. As you read this, Zari and Ivan are in Pretoria and they will hitting Kampala soon ahead of the Zarie-organised white Party slated for December 27 at Guvnor!

However, the couple’s return is set to get so many heads turning. We can reliably reveal that Ivan recently bought a Lamborghini Aventador and he recently gave it to the love of his life!
And going by Zari’s recent post, “The Lamborgnini … coming to K’la City soooooonnnn!” we can’t wait to see the monster machine on our roads. the Lamborghini Aventador  goes for about $376,000 (over sh1bn) before tax! International Reality show star Kim Kardashian gave the car as a birthday present to her boyfriend singer Kanye West on his birthday this year. The other Ugandan who was rumoured to own a Lamborghini was Michael Ezra, but we never saw it!

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