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Unnecessary fuss about Christmas in the village

“Hi…. Eh! So when are you travelling to the village?”  This seems to be the official greeting around this time of the year. Banaye oba this festive season hype has become too monotonous of late?
Since last week, I have been praying for the “greeting” to change only for the same thing to happen when I visited the salon last Friday.

These three chicks, evidently from the same family stormed the place in excitement. The eldest of them all playing “mummy” took the loud lead as she said “whatsup” to the salon babe!
“Hello, eeish! You people are too busy! Aren’t you aware that we have to travel tomorrow for Christmas in the village? Ha! Will you manage to handle all these three heads so that we leave early?” she went amidst nonstop giggles.

I wanted to block my ears but this being a public place, I could not shut up anyone, moreover one that was excited about travelling to the village!

Anyways, the salon babe did her best to deal with the annoyingly loud trio and as she got busy, one dude swayed in as if he was on a remote control and the “floss mode” button had been pressed hardest. He walked straight to the eldest and loudest babe and said hello as if it was just the two of them in the place. After all this, he asked for the price per head, to which the babe responded with a wide grin. He then stretched his hand to the pockets, plucked out tu $300,  displayed it in the air for all to see and then let the paper drop from above on to the chick’s head.

Now you can imagine the extra shock on my face as I pretended so hard not to pay attention. To make matters worse the dude had a ring on his finger and after he walked out, the evidently shy babe beckoned her sisters to say thank you to her friend who had paid for their hair, eh eh!
Was all this in the name of “Christmas in the village” excitedness? And what was this local married man doing at the salon as if he could not send anyone to the babe or better still call her out without unleashing the petty dimes for all to see? As if he needed to anyway? I was in aghast and wondered how some babes can meet and accommodate such a lot.

For starters, if a man is going to brave the female salon area, then it has to be for the girlfriend, wife or sister’s sake, otherwise he looks totally off! Also, if a babe is going to head to the salon, she should pretty much be sure that she has enough money on her just to avoid the embarrassment of looking desperate like this excited, trio!

To be honest, this drama at the salon just made me realise how vain some people can be, mbu all in the name of the festive season? Or was it just an excuse to look busy, on a spendthrift and get some money out of him, without even having plot for the village in the first place? Aha! I’ll let you draw the conclusion!

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