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Bad Black’s single Nkyamuka

1.What would you choose? Listening to a thousand saucepans being scrapped with spoons or listening to Bad Black’s single Nkyamuka?

2.Okay maybe saucepan scrapping is way livelier than this song, so what about listening to the sound of hoes or listening to Nkyamuka.

3.Would you rather watch grass grow or watch another Desire Luzinda video?

4.They are not that bad? Okay what about counting all the cars in Kampala or watching a Desire Luzinda video?

5.What takes longer? Watching paint dry or waiting for Bbale Francis to finish reading a sentence in a news item?

6.Eh, is it just me or does he pronounce words like he will never complete them?

7.Would you rather jump off a cliff or listen to bull on Zari’s reality show?

8.Would you prefer being banished to a desert island without TV or watching Robinah Kisakye Nambooze imitate a cool TV presenter?

9.Who is this Nambooze, ahem, I am not sure but I heard she goes around as Robin Kisty, mbu a TV presenter.

10. Would you rather wait for Kingdom come, or for Obsessions to release a hit single?

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