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The DVD: Waiting Forever

Waiting Forever

Waiting Forever

Food aside, the festive season is a joyous time, it is filled with laughter fun and love. Many people make efforts to spend it with the people they love – family or partners. And during those moments, love proves to be pure and simple. It is this atmosphere that makes this movie a perfect watch during this season. It has nothing to do with Christmas but everything to do with patience and love. The introductory song will draw you in. It is called Worlds Apart by The Mostar Driving Club. My favourite line is, “How can any step away from you ever be anything, for me, but a step in the wrong direction.” Isn’t that absolutely sweet?

Taking a stalker plot, Willie (Tom Sturridge) stalks Emma (Rachel Bilson), a childhood friend that he is in love with. He loves her so much but is such a clown, he can’t get around to telling her how he feels. He waits for a perfect moment to tell her, a moment that doesn’t seem to come, making him wait forever. And the fact that Willie is a clown doesn’t make things any better for him. This is a nice laid back movie thanks to its setting which is in a less noisy part of the city. It is clean throughout so you can watch it with the little ones.

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