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The DVD : Just Wright

Just wright

Just wright

This is a movie with common actors and a common plot whose twists and turns don’t save it from being predictable. That is obviously not a good thing to say about a movie but well, it is the truth. If you want something different, this one is not for you. But if you are a romantic, go right ahead and press the play button – you will like Just Wright.  And if you really need a reason to watch this, do so just to watch the brief basketball clips. This romantic comedy stars physical therapist and basketball fan Leslie (Queen Latifah).

She has a gorgeous god-sister Morgan (Paula Patton) who silently steals her man. Silently because with Leslie, there is no attraction at first sight or love for that matter yet just as the guys are getting to know and like her, Morgan walks in and they don’t give Leslie a second look. It happens even when she meets a professional basketball player that she adores. Each girl’s portrayal is based on stereotypes that are boring and overdone yet the flick is not that old. Can’t we just have more movies portraying fat as attractive? And there are so many slender and beautiful girls in the world, why don’t the movies portray that?

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