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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Why do Kenzo’s songs have such funny titles?

1.Why do Kenzo’s songs have such funny titles? Stamina, Bolingo, Sumbusa … What next Kenzo, Nsenene?

2.And why is it that he tries to force all his songs to have strokes that  require  bending double and hopping around like a drunk grasshopper? Wassup Kenzo, you think if you sang and danced upright something horrible would happen?

3.What is funny is that something horrible already happened … according to some people. Mbu you tried to sing in English!

4.Oh, okay I hear it is not so bad because even his English is deplorable, that at least you Kenzo can sing! Many in the industry manage to make strangled sounds at the very least. What is the future of music then?

5.Eh, that the future of Uganda’s music is firmly in the hands of the likes of Gravity Omutujju! Ha, doesn’t the name alone make you want to run for cover or learn to make your own music at home with drum?

6.And this is to Loodi Mayor, eeeh some ride? I thought you had sworn not to accept any of that woman’s gestures?

7.And what happened to refusing to go on trips abroad and any other perks that come with being mayor? Eeeh, kumbe you are like the rest of Ugandans who cannot  miss a chance to go to outside countries even if it is to sweep?

8.Also seeing as you always have so much to say to Jennifer, will you be attending Bobi Wine’s concert?

9.Can we call Bebe cool a chair magnet seeing as the plastic white ones turned out in large numbers at his Kamwako concert and outnumbered the people?

10.    Also when did Sean Paul go? We kept hearing so much about him coming but nobody has volunteered on when he left in case we wanted to send greetings.

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