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The music video : Love me by Young Mulo

Young Mulo

Young Mulo

The video begins off with stark scenes of a motor bike and Yung Mulo standing by the beach side before he breaks into a few dance strokes. Like in Tebakusobola, Mulo has this uncanny ability to look straight into the camera then nod his head like a lizard.

Unlike the Tebakusobola video which was done hastily done, there is a complete synergy in Love Me between the audio and the visuals. Not your typical video where a story line is followed to the core, but the beat is danced to as required.
Love Me loses it when they try to pull off the dark gothic night set pieces. It’s a depressing theme for a romantic ragga-dancehall tune. A lighting failure of sorts, which is only saved by the self-indulgent Yung Mulo as he categorically nods his head and throws an arm around.

The three and a quarter minute video realises the confines of its time and follows not a strict story line. Unlike most Ugandan videos, it saves one from the many videos that aspire to be movies. One thing about all videos shot by the beach side, they are usually on a low string budget.  With Yung Mulo dressed in an outfit that radiates not the beach life, the essence of the beach gets killed. The girl in question whose love, Yung Mulo chants about doesn’t make the sublime powerful fitting.
An ethereal video, shot on a low budget by a promising artiste.

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