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The DVD : The Resident



It feels good to be loved unconditionally, especially when it is by a new handsome masculine
lover like Max (Jeffrey Jean Morgan). But when he becomes obsessed with you, then it not
only becomes annoying but creepy as well. Juliet (Hilary Swank) who has just moved into the neighbourhood unknowingly becomes Max’s object of obsession.

He stalks her and gets in the way of all the men that want to pursue her. He doesn’t stop at
that but drugs her in the night and does the unthinkable to her when she is unconscious. Max
is a psycho. It is an act that he does so well, it is believable. And acting is this movie’s strongest point. Juliet nails the frightened look just like Max does the frightening moves. In
fact, there had been a competition for the movie title Obsessed, this would have won. There is
a lot more obsession in here than in the movie Obsessed.

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