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King Oyo in a Hummer

King Oyo

King Oyo

Forgive us for we are subjects who are allowed to write about royals! But allow us to appreciate a few things about His Highness King Oyo; if there’s any royal with swag in Uganda, then that must be the youthful King Oyo.

Forget royals who always step out in public putting on traditional attire, King Oyo has made several public appearances donning on designer jeans, shirts and shades! Wait a minute, we almost forget the King’s iPod and ear phones that are almost part of his designs.

But that’s not the reason King Oyo is in the news today; the Tooro leader is in the news for what we have been told is his latest acquisition; a Hummer. We bumped into King Oyo enjoying the light brownish state of the art Hummer sometime last week near his residence in Buziga. Neighbours to the king told us that the Hummer had been frequenting the King’s residence for the past few weeks. As we await word from the kingdom, allow us to congratulate you His Highness King Oyo upon the new ride!

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