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Preparation for ‘Ekyooto Ha Mpango’ in high gear


After King Oyo launched the cultural and tourism festival on the eve of his 26th coronation anniversary at the Tooro Kingdom’s palace, Tooro is the best place to be from the 11th to the 14th of November.

The preparations are in high gear for the event dubbed ‘Ekyooto Ha Mpango’ which brings together different people to share and appreciate Uganda’s cultural diversity.

Going by their history in event management, Talent Africa has been entrusted with this fete which will kick off with a royal tour that will see King Oyo hosting royal families from other Kingdoms in a trip around his kingdom.

Business clinics will then kick off as industry experts and trainers pass on knowledge and skills to start ups in tourism and related businesses.

The businesses will then exhibit at the Kingdom’s Parliament in Muchwa.

The expo will also have virtual elements to open a wide international market for participants and the second day will have participants engaging in social sport activities with a short marathon, boat regatta and cycling race where the winners will be rewarded by the king at the festival’s closing ceremony.

The festival climaxes into a virtual concert that will feature top national artists with the creme de la creme of entertainment from Tooro region, cultural and contemporary acts. The concert will have limited physical crowd and will air on Youtube and facebook.

Speaking about the event, Talent Africa’s CEO Aly Allibhai promised participants an unforgettable experience.

“Together with UNDP and The Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities, we’re working on delivering an annual production that not only entertains but also develops the lives of Ugandan youth,” he said.

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