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Reaping where we didn’t fully sow

Ivan Ssemwanga jets in for the Cranes game momentarily taking over the limelight.  Photo By Eddie Chicco

Ivan Ssemwanga jets in for the Cranes game momentarily taking over the limelight. Photo By Eddie Chicco

So the Uganda Cranes team lost again… Sad! I will spare you the sympathy lines and simply say, let ye all Ugandans move on and hope for the best in the next chapter.
I mean, after all, you (all Ugandans) managed to celebrate 50 years in bliss and tears as we embraced gold from Kiproitich, so this can pass riyalle. Let us not be too greedy, huh?
In other news, speaking of greed and seeking the spotlight at any given opportunity, reminds me of this Ivan Ssemwanga guy and all the other peeps that have tried hard to reap where they have not fully sown.

Okay, at first he offered some dimes (Shs10m) to Fufa who received it on behalf of the Uganda Cranes team(but FUFA has also eaten big in the name of Ugandan sports, KTM) after which he promised heaven on earth in form of Shs5m for every scored goal, bought another 100 gold tickets mbu for fans and summed it all up with a helicopter flight to the venue(Namboole Stadium) to watch the match against the Uganda Cranes and Chipolopolo from Zambia, aha! .

Jeez! Aren’t we tired of such bu cheap stunts by the likes of Ivan really? For starters, this is certainly not the first time he has had to watch a game by the Ugandan team on Ugandan soil, right? Then, this dude has lived ko in Uganda and used cars from short distances A to B hence, Namboole Stadium may not come off as a distance too far that he needed a helicopter eeish! Typical malo just.

And the last time Mike Ezra wowed the crowds at the very stadium with a helicopter, he was seen scattering for dear life months later. To date, we do not know where he and the dollars that he threw so hard at our faces are. Oba why don’t such people pick a thing or two from the real wealthy guys whose wealth is felt and not used to exploit avenues for it to be acknowledged?

I mean we have constant questions wondering about the source of their (Ivan and class of wannabes) dimes to which none of them openly declare. So is it too hard for them to make the money first before they start splashing it? Such that, they do not have to fight too hard to show us that it exists only for reality to strike and send them to exile (because they are hiding like Ezra) or to jail like (Bad black) etc?

For example people like, James Mulwana, Gordon Wavamunno, Charles Mbiire (the list goes on), do not have to seize a “Yes, we can” opportunity; just to let us know that, they can live a certain status and do ABC in the blink of an eye because we know all about their Genesis to Revelation. They have earned it anyway and are humble enough to exude the entire aura.

The former on the other hand just tire us that they try so hard to make us recognise them but in the end, who loses? And while you answer that question, I patiently await all the updates on Ivan Ssemwanga as he fulfills his promise to hand over Shs50m to the Uganda Cranes team for all the scored goals. After all, he promised Shs5m per goal right? So given the eight in penalties, plus the initial 1 goal against Chipolopolo gets us to Shs45m,then the Shs5m can go as miscellaneous since the dude decided to spend in full throttle, isn’t that right Ivan?

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