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Gadget : Four in one charger



We can never get enough power. Come on. Admit it. You have done crazy things to get power. There is the “turn on your dying laptop to leak some USB power into your phone” trick. Or the “go sit in the car and use the car charger to make a phone call” routine.

The four in one charger comes in handy to power several devices. You can charge your devices using a standard wall plug, vehicle power socket, USB port, or 9-Volt Battery (not included). It comes with a retractable cord to allow you use your device when in power and it has a LED connection indicator.

The adapter is compatible with most cell phones, Blackberry, iPhone, iPods, recorders and even digital cameras. This device helps you charge your gadgets no matter where you are because it can draw power from multiple sources, one of which will be accessible to you wherever you are.  It goes for about $40 (Shs100,000) online.

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