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What do Golola Moses and Meddie Ssentogo have in common?

1.Today’s babes! A babe just sends you a text that reads… “Hi I am broke send me a ka 50k!” Now what the hell is that? Mbu… “I am broke” Who cares! So is Meddie Ssentogo!

2.By the way, what do Golola Moses and Meddie Ssentogo have in common? Both are first class bafele! Wabula Golola if you come back to us with those bu silly lines….

3.What do Bad Black and Sylvia Owori have in common? Both laugh at Ugandans who take them seriously!

4.What do Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have in common? Ask the struggling author Barbie and the struggling “up-coming artiste” Zuena for an answer!

5.What do Eagles Production and Record TV have in common? Both have a zero fan-base! No offence but who watches Record TV…?

6.What do Judith Heard and Zari Hussien have in common? Both have “rural swagger!”

7.What do Chamleone and Goodlyfe have in common? Both are patients that ran away from Butabiika Hospital and for a long time now have been masquerading around as artistes … kumbe!

8.What do Sizzaman and Straka “baibe” have in common? Both don’t know the meaning of the word…masquerading!

9.What do Maurice Kirya and Aziz Azion have in common? The same thing that Navio has… they all believe that they belong on the world stage with the likes of Beyonce and Kanye West!

10. Imagine Kanye West sharing a stage with Navio! That’s like Tyra Banks using Samona Jelly as a cream for her face!

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