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Zari starts reality show

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan

South African based socialite, Zari Hassan has launched Zari-The Boss lady, a 14-week reality show that started airing on UBC television on Wednesday evening.

“I balance my roles in every field. There are many young girls who are looking up to me and I think the show will give them a better picture about me. When people see me in the media, they think I am an attention-seeking person and I hope this will clear the air,” Zari said. Her friends and family will be the main characters in her reality show.

At the launch, Zari expressed regret to the public for her wrong deeds in the past. She had a much publicised cat-fight with Judith Heard at Jose Chameleone’s album launch recently.
“I want to apologise to the public for all my mistakes and the wars on Facebook and twitter that have only put my integrity at stake.”

The 31-year-old insists the reality act is not a publicity stunt, neither is it a show-off strategy.

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