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What has become of our cops?

For once today, let us have a quiz moment. And please feel free to answer, quietly or say it out loud, if you have the right answer, right?
• Which is the most sensitive part on a woman’s body?
• What differentiates females from all the other creatures on earth?
• Name the most sacred part on a female body?
• What is the commonest and natural source of food to a newly born baby?

Okay, I guess that will do for now because I bet you are all tired of repeating the same answer – breasts!

I wonder how the men who gropped Ingrid Turinawe’s breasts in the name of arresting her can be accomodated in public service.

I wonder how the men who gropped Ingrid Turinawe’s breasts in the name of arresting her can be accomodated in public service.

Now I hope that my class consists of at least one or two peeps from the uncouth lot that violated the female body in broad day light, as they played along, touched, pressed and hurt one of the most sacred parts on any female specie; read Ingrid Turinawe’s breasts!

Like seriously, what has become of this society lately? By the look of things, we never get tired of jumping from the frying pan to the fire. For example who availed literature that is as sick as giving cops implication that the best way to arrest a lady is by pressing and violating where it hurts most?

Talk of backward people just! That is just so gross!
And how such a lot can be accommodated in public service will forever remain a puzzle. It is just not right that one’s rights are violated in such a manner, but that circus of explanations from that concerned people mbu female police officers were initially deployed to arrest Ingrid was also not funny oba?

Do these people think that we do not have eyes to see? Or have they just decided to stick to the old days where modern technology played a very trifle role as a media tool hence imagine the public has done the same? And if of late the police has ladies with such masculine hands, who also forget that they are women hence have to press, press fellow ladies’ boobs like hungry lions then KTM (kyaba too much), riyalle!

Honestly, with such a sight, one cannot help but worry over the other parts that could have been violated in such a demeaning manner behind the cameras.
For a long time, weird stories have been heard through the corridors about what happens to women at the sad hands of such authorities upon arrest without much proof, but if it happened in full view of the media, who can rule what happens in private?

This of course may not rule out the men. Who knows, maybe their sacred parts are violated too because I can imagine positions were switched and a man was also mishandled in such a way, by pressing his privates, he would probably still be lying down in pain.
True, we may not exhaust all the cases but again such pointers should be accorded so much attention and I hope that the concerned authorities will address this sneak peak of the world that entails such brutal citizens with an iron hand on top of taking precautionary messages to inform the backward lot such as that annoyingly hungry guy that could not keep his hands off the woman’s breast.

Now as for the drama that unfolded with the protesting ladies who undressed; ahem! Like seriously, we understand and infact shared the pain as we watched the flabbergasting clip. But think about it, are those cynical officers worth showing what we value most at the end of the day? If you asked me, hell no!

No wonder they chickened out at the womens’ boldness and instead of doing the needful (accept defeat and apologise to the female fraternity) they just unleashed tear gas!
Gosh, what a country!

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