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Connie Tiffs

Image really matters

Flavia Tumusiime, former Teens Club presenter

They say, “ignorance is bliss”. And it is for this very reason that you can find a virgin, holding on tight to their morals and probably limiting the partying/outings only to the Virgin Island in Bugos because it has the word, “virgin.”
It is also because of this that you will find a baby playing excitedly with a snake or a three year old attempting to peck and sleep with a puppy in its bed.
But when one jumps out of the unknown to the known, then we are bound to see some bumpy rides here and there.
Take an example of the veterans that made that popular show Teens Club way back then. Never mind the rest because duh! Who knows where they are? Let’s just concentrate on Flavia Tumusiime.
As a ki schweet lil’ teen, she quickly set out of the “ignorance is bliss” chapter and ventured into learning all there is to nurturing and embracing one’s talent. And there, in the public’s eye where all the critiquing and praising happens, it went down.
From the unflattering dresses, ugly wigs that did not flatter her tu cute features, shoes that neither went well with outfits nor complemented the legs, nothing passed by unnoticed. But those mistakes happen as one embraces different phases on the other side, so the public was patient with lil’ Flavia and look at her now, she is as ravishing as any beautiful lady can be!
She got it right finally and it keeps getting better. No more ugly wigs, wrong shoes or dresses to mess the voluptuous body on which Flavia’s head sits. No more!

Okay, now why do I have blurred images of Jamal’s dreads flashing through my mind. I undoubtedly love this dude’s music. I mean, that adorable sensational voice crying out spot on lyrics which never disappoint at making one believe that indeed with love comes sorrow.

Jamal should 'style up' his dreads

Eh, the guy can wail, but many, (read women) like this music that way. However, at this rate if he continues to don his dreadlocks in that same irritating style then his fans might lose touch with the sweet voice and just scatter in terror each time he steps on stage to perform!
On a serious note Jamal, we might have been patient with Flavia, because she started young and all, but for you, apaana!
At first we tolerated the style because we know things are not easy at first as one gets to learn what the social scene is about. But now sincerely, years have passed. Do you just want us to listen to the music minus staring at you? Please do not expect that because we shall go blind!
So how about he took responsibility and ensured that he crafted out a befitting look that shall boost his image and attach personality to him.
For starters, we have qualified hair dressers that can attend to this hair. And in the unlikely event that he has failed to get the right person, Jamal can either hire a stylist or cut off the locks, huh?
Yes Jamal, before you killed us with your sweet voice and songs that we listen to for the whole day, you probably didn’t know that sometimes the appearance too matters a lot. At the end of the day, one would want to listen to the music, watch the lovely videos and effortlessly look at you performing each one of the tracks.
Wouldn’t you want that too? Oba you prefer looking at repulsive faces each time you go like “…Lllloooove, firmu y’amasasi…” because one is busy wondering at what could be lying beneath the heaped up dreads on the head?
Whatever the case, just do something please. Get a new look, or at least hold those things in a chicer way such that we can just love to love you wholly! Are you smiling at the thought? Okay now, back that smile with a quick visit to the saloon and we can assure you Jamal that it shall multiply into another better banana one to last a lifetime!


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