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Silver Turyamureeba meets Rn’B singer Yoyo

I work out: Yoyo shows Turyamureebwa his biceps. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA

I work out: Yoyo shows Turyamureebwa his biceps. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA

(Martin ‘Yoyo’ Nkoyoyo spent a whole afternoon talking music and talent with Silver)

What’s up, I’m Silver Tulyamureeba.
What’s up I’m sure you know me already

What’s cooking, what’s cooking?
Ani is my latest single, off my upcoming 12 track-album This Is Yoyo. I’m not calling it Ansaana like all other local artistes do, titling their albums after their biggest hits. I need something that represents me, I’m trying to reveal the whole package. I’m not promoting a hit song, I’m promoting an album.

Do you have collaborations on that album?
I have five collaborations:  Ansaana remix with Priscilla Kalibala, Ani remix with Dr Hilderman, a rendition of Fred Masagazi’s Alululu with KS Alpha, Second Chance, with a very talented lady Grace Katete and an entirely English song with Vida bi Duda.

Your song Ansaana is a hit all over the place, what’s it all about?
Ansaana is about someone you like and very attracted to but can’t have them.

Have you been singing all your life?

Because parents consider it a child spoiling career.
I was actually inspired by my late mum, she used to sing in the choir. I guess that’s where I get my inspiration from. She was very supportive.

Such a toned body, do you have a gym at home?
Yeah, I was once your size but I work out to keep in shape. That’s why I’m not very huge. So what do you do? Where did you study from?
I’m a student, joined Kyambogo from Jinja College, and I’m studying Computer Engineering.
So you have a girlfriend?

Yeah, she’s called Susan, what about you because I’ve seen the papers.
I never take advantage and hook up with so many chicks, I treat my love life confidential and away from the media. That chick is not mine.

You also act, right?
(Nods head in approval) I have acted both on stage and on screen. Locally, I’ve done quite a number of theatrical productions with Obsessions, I’m an assassin in Destiny now showing on NBS TV and internationally I did a movie about the British tourists who were taken hostage by the Ntarahamwe rebels in DR Congo and I was a Hutu commander.

Do you get those bu-girls screaming your name backstage?
No, I have a mean looking and scary face. I guess it sends them away, anyway I’m also very reserved and quiet.

What are your plans?Are you planning an album launch?
I’m planning a promotional tour going for over four months, dubbed Yoyo in Ani-Ansaana tour, to promote my album, name and brand. I’m going around Uganda starting here in Kampala on February 29. I’m doing 10 shows around Kampala before heading upcountry.

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