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Hustler : Roger Mugisha

Tell me a little about Roger…
I am a 28 year old publicist with a passion for creating ideas that will better a business entity, whether restaurant or company.When did you start BluePrint Publicity?
In 2009, a couple of months after I had left Ignition PR and Advertising. I started entertaining the thoughts of opening a firm that would elongate my love for food and restaurants. It was here that I realised that most PR agencies catered to corporates, medium sized enterprises and government; leaving out restaurants, hotels and motels, health clubs and spas. It was on that mindset that I ventured into offering PR and Marketing pigeon-holed solutions for hospitality.

Who are some of the clients you have done work for?
The Carnival Naguru, Silver Springs Hotel, Katch the Sun Bugolobi, Mamba Point restaurant and Pizzeria, Fat Boyz, Fairway Hotel, Shanghai Restaurant, Samurai Japanese, Haandi, Nawab, Sheraton Kampala, Efendy’s, Kyoto, Steers, Nandos and Athina Club, Golf Course Hotel and Humura Resort.

What has been your best day in business?
Receiving acknowledgment for a job well done from the client, your peers and being able to get other jobs as per referral from those satisfied clients. That for me is a good day at the office.

Who inspires you as a young businessman?
I am inspired by many for various things. Mark Cuban for his business sense, he is an American maverick who founded his own computer consulting firm, and seven years later sold it making him an instant multimillionaire by the age of 40. The confidence, eloquence and panache embedded in talk show host Piers Morgan, I find it continuously engaging.

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