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So what if someone is of mixed descent?

In the beginning, there was man, then woman and together they formed tribes, culture and mapped a way of life.
It was on rare occasions that one heard of inter-marriages, mixed blood, blah blah blah. However, knowing the nature of human beings, backed by their zeal to venture and discover the unknown, things were bound to change.

Yep, the bold ones hit on people from other tribes and embraced different culture, which I must say was not such a bad exercise after all. And now that this seems obvious and we have evidently learned to live with it, why do some people continue to act like it is too new a case to zig?

Sometimes this pretentious process is so irritating. I mean, is it so important for one to go through a whole explanation process each time they mention a surname that probably does not blend in with their appearance or certain features on their bodies?

And who was assigned the role to address such issues in any way? Certain people can act like they are so behind curtains that it has ceased to be funny anymore.

Well, if you are an offspring from an inter-marriage, then you probably relate to this annoying circus. I mean, those sickening questions that may go like, “You seriously do not look like you belong to that tribe… So … which of your parents is from the other side?” each time you mention your surname.

This is usually followed by the energy consuming attempt to explain and even provide proof in form of pictures, if necessary so that the doubting party can draw conclusions and justify whatever pleases their minds. Gosh!

But why go through this tiring process anyway? Seriously, it is nobody’s business to conduct research on a stranger as if they are too naïve to notice the obvious.

So one looks at a half cast bearing a local name, and then the topic immediately changes to, “How come you are too light, have curly hair and your name is…”

For starters, it is not a crime to possess genes that are characterised with a particular tribe. As far as I am concerned, there is no law against that. So it is not anyone’s business to assume otherwise.

And you wanna know why? Well, it is as simple as, “You were not involved in the pact that led to the birth of that creature infront of you.” Secondly, it is not a crime for one to be a product of any inter-marriage. Thirdly, it does not hinder one from being whatever they want to be, so why the fuss over this?

I think some people really make an effort to load their heads and schedules with endless and meaningless assignments that they end up wasting too much time on issues that do not concern them instead of addressing what really matters. Oh my! don’t I pity such a lot?

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