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Bebe blushes on Salongo rumours

Singer Bebe Cool

Singer Bebe Cool

Singer Bebe Cool cannot wait to be in the US next week! The singer applied for a US visa early this week after he received a call from his wife Zuena delivering great news. Zuena together with their two children flew to US for Christmas holidays but we later learnt that Zuena was actually expecting.

And the story could only get more exciting: The source told us that Zuena called her hubby and told him God had answered his longtime dream. “She told him she had visited a doctor and they told her she’s carrying a set of twins,” the source told us.

We bumped into Bebe sometime this week and he confirmed that he will be flying to the US in a few days. The singer however refused to comment on whether Zuena is expecting twins, but the way he blushed signaled that the allegation might just be right!

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