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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Connie Tiffs

My wild dreams for a great 2012

tiffsFrom the Christmas Carols, Christmas trees in all sizes to the good food, trifle news headlines (like the drunkards who went on a liquor guzzling spree to celebrate), welcome back from the Christmas circus!

And the good news is that we are still alive especially as the New Year closes in. Now this calls for a serious wish list and mine includes the following come 2012.

Telecom companies and Umeme should style up: It’s like Umeme and most telecom companies planned to have crappy services and worked so hard at rubbing clients the wrong way which squeezed all sorts of “swear words” from customers throughout 2011. Now because I am addicted to my mobile phone and electronic gadgets, my wish is to have all these companies stepping up their game and giving us good quality services next year. I hope I am not dreaming.

An end to the “Golola monopoly”: Thanks to one man, kick boxing gained recognition in Uganda. Unto us, a talkative dude who endlessly promised heaven on earth was unleashed. Yes, you know who I am talking about, Golola Moses! From billboards to music tracks this Golola brand grew as fast as lightening until reality struck. Amidst confusion, dude was announced winner when he took on Andras Nagy from Hungary, after which he took us through a series of drama that included a walk to Parliament, the streets, and more words in a bid to cry out loud for his dimes.

Headache just! Now tell me why we should tolerate this entire ruckus as if this dude is the Alpha and Omega of kick boxing in Uganda? Aren’t there any other talented kick boxers out there to put an end to this “Golola monopoly” and give us variety?  I have had it. The jokes have gone stale, the actions to back the words are fading out, we need help!

Need for relevant stories to make headlines: I don’t think that there is anything that has irritated me this year like the fuss over Bad Black. I mean, one minute it is her crazy lifestyle making headlines, then, it is her saga with the old white dude plus the in and out jail appearances.

For crying out loud how relevant is this to our nation? Yes, explain to me how this whole crazy and irrelevant journey is important to a Ugandan citizen who is more worried about the deteriorating economy and ways in which they are going to survive, tell me! We need to get serious and pick on relevant stories that are educative and informative.

No tear gas: Gosh! Without a doubt, I long for the day when those huge blue tracks will leave this country. One slight demonstration, whether peaceful or aggressive and the things are unleashed. I bet there are better ways to curb such situations while putting the money spent on the monster trucks to good use. May God grant me this wish and wipe tear gas out of this country! I hope I am not dreaming again!

Constructive lyrics from artistes: From ugly voices, untalented artistes to weird lyrics, I have had it! If the song is not a tale of a weird love story, it is one of a hate situation. Now save me the whole, “love makes the world go round” line and give me lyrics that make sense at least for once in 2012. As for the hate stories, those are irrelevant too because duh! that is none of our business. Would it kill anyone if we heard more of Bobi Wine’s Carolina track for example as opposed to, Butunda by eerr….Who sang this one again?

Reality with matrimonial dos: From fake relatives, fake gifts, fake performances, we have had it all! This syndrome that is eating up the journey to matrimony is just ridiculous. What happened to the normal way of doing things? Who introduced this business of having a fully packed entertainment show at such ceremonies?

I so wish for Ugandans to realise that such dos mean a lot when they are not faked at all. Seriously, if one cannot afford a compound full of humongous gifts, backed by well-dressed and presentable relatives, it can still be okay because that is who they are, right? They should just swallow it up and stick to the core aspect. Getting married!

A good fight against corruption: When former Vice President, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya was arrested and acquitted eventually over corruption issues, he wished that, everyone who has been suspected for indulging in corruption goes through the same process like he did. Now, if he could wish for that, who am I to do the opposite? I wish for this badly! I need for more discoveries of the whereabouts of government property, who embezzled what; continuous unbiased trials etc. come 2012. Now that would give a feeling of satisfaction, wouldn’t you agree?

I do not want to walk to work: Finally, I do not want to walk to work. Yes! I do not. And except for the drama that comes along with this activity, the results compared to the aim are nothing to write home about. My wish is that the government addresses some of these issues by devising means to curb this sickening economic situation in the New Year. Isn’t this the part where I play Kat Deluna’s track Am I dreaming?

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