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Connie Tiffs

Police rats? Hahaha, I just can’t stop laughing

So the Uganda police is going to train rats to help execute their duties? Wait a minute let me first laugh… Okay, that was a long one; I am even weak as I put this together for the laughter has drained me of any strength to write it out but I will do my best.  Eeiish, this is totally unbelievable!

On a serious note are these guys for real?  Rrraattss? Aha! At first, I did not pay much attention to the news until I saw the police spokesperson actually speaking and seriously confirming the story. And as I watched him, I kept on wondering, does he even know what he is talking about?

Jeez! How do the news anchors and reporters manage to maintain their serious professional facial composure when reporting about such comical stories?

Well as I wondered, my eyes kept glued to the screen, the story and clips of the dogs in their training session. Then I started to envision the rats in session, running around, chains in the neck alongside their respective trainees (members from the police in this case) and I could not help but laugh at the imagination.

My neighbour who was then getting irritated by my laughter posed a question that even worsened my situation. She asked, “So what happens when these rats smoke out a criminal or evidence from a crime scene, do they run back and report or what? How are they going to do that?”  The confusion on her face proved that I was not alone.

And trust me, I would really love to know the brains behind this stunt and what could have prompted the suggestion.  I mean, are the dogs suddenly incompetent that the police need more animals to help effect their duties? Or could it be that the dogs are just malnourished considering the evident ribs as they move around sniffing at crime scenes and so they cannot work hard anymore?  Hold on a second could it be a case of a bad work man blaming their tools (the dogs in this case, poor things)?

And why did they settle for rats of all animals? Are they easier to feed, tame, train as compared to the dogs or is it just another new venture? For starters I have never seen a sharp rat. The few that I have come across, rush off at the sight of anything except leftovers.

Well perhaps the ones I see are not trained or it could be the fact that I dread the animals, totally find them disgusting and the sight of one makes me shiver. But again, it will not stop me from wondering at how this ka rodent will execute its role!
These guys must be watching a lot of movies. I admit that the introduction of the dogs was a great innovation but the rats?  Except for the comic and fictional gesture behind it, I doubt many of us were fully psyched up about the idea but that does not mean that we are not waiting eagerly to see the police pulling this off.

Yes, we are waiting to see the rats at work and judging by the enthusiastic look on their faces over the news, I guess the dogs and rats, could perform effectively alongside each other. Gosh once again, I cannot hold back the laughter, so I guess this is the point where I type my last fullstop. And, guys, as much as the picture of  rats being gathered, trained, and sent out to the field to yield results might be interesting, can we for once stop dreaming aloud about some of these bizarre moves?

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