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Work is taking its toll on me

Campus queen bee

After my brush with death (some may remember it as a mere rush); I have been taking extra care of my health. I took advantage of the free medical I get from my mother’s job and took blood tests of all kinds. I had my eyes checked and even convinced Sharon to come with me for one of those free cancer screening tests. I made sure my blood pressure was just right, also checking that my heart was beating at the acceptable rate and even risked a visit to the dentist.

Everything checked out and once I was convinced I was disease free, I decided to loosen up and have some fun since the doctor suggested in his inconclusive report that the rash may have been brought on by stress. School work had been taking a toll on me because of the tests and the fact that I had missed them after almost forgetting to get my tuition paid.

We seemed to be getting more clients at work and it didn’t help that boss together with some international tour magazines was having a big promotional trip for journalists beginning of next month. Since this was to promote the company as much as the country’s tourism; we were working longer hours to make sure everything went smoothly.

I haven’t had any prior experience working with journalists but my mom has and she used to always complain about their little ‘favours’. A member of the group Marco reminded me of all the things my mom used to complain about when she still worked in marketing all those years ago. He was the group coordinator which meant that he was the one I would be dealing with.

My boss is very meticulous and insists we communicate any arrangements with the journalists every step of the way. I think planning their flights, booking their hotels and making sure the car is available to take them to all the sights is enough but I don’t own a touring company.

The first email was as we agreed-confirming the dates they were leaving and coming to Uganda. I had attached my number at the bottom and Marco called immediately to tell me that he wasn’t sure he would be available then. He didn’t have any specific reason but thought that he may be working and what would happen then. After arguing back and forth he finally sighed dramatically and said that he would be available to leave at the agreed time.

The email that followed was about their sleeping arrangements and I got a second call from Marco. This time he was complaining about the hotels and camp sites we had chosen. My boss had gone all out but Marco, after spending some time googling Uganda decided that we should move them to an even more expensive hotel.

We argued, I spoke to my boss and I nearly lost a nerve explaining that the hotels we had settled for had agreed to give us some customer discount. Eventually he seemed to get the point but over the week we have argued about what view he will have, what places they will visit, what meals they will have and everything from timing to the weather. How I’m I supposed to know what weather will be in Uganda a month from now.
Marco’s calls together with school work have had me so worked out I was considering getting off the job. The only problem is I have been taking so many days off that working on this project is the only way to get back in my boss’ good books. So much for taking it easy and relaxing.

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