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Nemedeko: Red Banton

the music video

It’s actually a good song, the kind that can have you break a leg after downing a good number of beers!  Actually it must be an anthem for all those bodaboda chaps, the ka guy who guards your gate at home, all house girls and house boys, the LCV of Zirobwe, all SPCs, the army guys who are hunting for Kony, Traffic policemen, and their boss too, Kale Kayihura!

On a serious note, Nemedeko is quite a smasher! I love it. It’s the video however that leaves you surprised. It’s quite good. Shot by Bashir (he is slowly reclaiming what had been taken away from him by all these newcomers in the video business) it’s huge on colour, editing and storyline.

It was shot at two locations, Kabaka’s Lake and at Hi Table bar. The way the video depicts the nightlife in Simo’s bar (Hi Table) is brilliant. The way it has Banton dance within the crowd, while performing without taking away that feel of Kampala being a “happening” place is quite good.

Red Banton has one huge positive as an artiste, he never gave up despite the “shells” people have always given him, mbu he’s a “finished” artiste. The dude has kept on his grind and I think this track can get him the recognition he so deserves.
Good song. Very good video.

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