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Hashtags: From the Nile Bridge to Abenakyo, Basoga secure new bragging rights


First of all, I am from Uganda. You know one of those countries that qualified for the Africa Cup with a game to spare? The one where Bobi Wine comes from? Yeah, that’s where I come from so I brag different, and that isn’t about to stop thanks to the Miss World beauty pageant finale on Sunday.

My home girl Quinn Abenakyo is the most beautiful woman in Africa. She is the queen of the entire continent. On top of her stunning looks, she has got a smart brain. Her name “Abenakyo” literally means “She should have it” and right now, that it is the crown. She is the reigning Miss Uganda, Miss Africa and one of the top five at last Saturday’s Miss World finals held in Sanya, China.

On the timeline end of things, we had to put the queen’s victory into context. We had a few questions to ask and some analysis to make. So here goes.

It is a more than common thing in Uganda that when someone smells success, the number of people who know them tends to skyrocket in a matter of days


The queen hails from MUBS, the home of slaying campusers. Since you are the company you keep, some tweeps were happy to know that Quinn had not gone down slay road.


Then there are people we want to sympathise with. Since you couldn’t have her at her worst, you definitely don’t deserve her at her best. You can’t eat your cake and have it


There can’t be no better time to be a Musoga. From the new Nile Bridge onto this


It is on this note that the some people need to be warned off. Not all influential beautiful girls come from “that side”


Remember when Pizza hut came to town? A certain someone told us it was an achievement of the NRM government. I smell dejavu


On second thought though, nah. We aren’t giving away our queen just because she is immunised


In fact, that said, there is one humble suggestion from the timeline


This is one tip for you with a business, an initiative or just a mass drive that you need the public backing on. Your gold mine may be right in your hand.


On behalf of all your friends, exes, crushes and stalkers, I congratulate you Quinn once again. May your reign stretch to the far end of the timeline.

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