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I will be UG’s Busy Signal – Rattigan

artiste Rattigan

RAGGA VIBES: Upcoming artiste Rattigan might have only four songs but he has big dreams. The dancehall artiste says he has no role models in Uganda’s music circles. Read why.


Who is Rattigan?
I am an upcoming dancehall and ragga artiste.

What is your real name?
Raymond Saali and I am the first born child in a family of three.

When did you join the music industry?
In 2015.

Do you have any songs so far?
Yes, I have Drop It which was my first song, Wasomye, Tonfisa and Muliwa.

When was your breakthrough?
This year, because it is when my songs gained some good airplay on radio, TV and in clubs. I hope this will help me get some popularity.

Some people have never heard of the name Rattigan. What is your strategy for getting popular?
When I had just started I had no manager, I was hustling on my own to see that my music is promoted and this was too heavy a task for me. It is the reason I didn’t get popular but now I am signed to Game Park Music and they are helping push my music.
Did you go to school?
Yes. I am a technical engineer.

So what inspired you to change career?
I was passionate about singing from childhood and since my passion was backed by talent, I decided to give it a try.

Do you practice your profession?
Yes, I do it part time so as to give my singing time as well.

Do your parents support your idea of switching from engineering to music?
My parents have no query with my being a musician. Actually my mother is my number one fan and so are my uncles. They love my music and always support me.

How do you balance work with music?
I have a time table for everything. In the morning I concentrate on my professional gigs but in the evening I focus on my music.

Have you ever held any concerts?
I have not yet but for now I perform at the Auto Spa Munyonyo, Laftaz Comedy Lounge, Los Angeles in Kawempe at Big Zone in Nansana and many other places.

Who is your role model in the music industry?
I admire Busy Signal from Jamaica. I started my music career with the aim of singing just like him and emerging Uganda’s Busy Signal. I know that I will make it with time.

Does this mean you don’t have a role model in Uganda?
To be sincere, I have none; everyone seems to be having personal issues.

What plans do you have for the future?
I want to work hard and become one of Uganda’s best dancehall musicians.
Rattigan’s dreams & hustle…
I have worked with some artistes although behind the scenes, for instance, Tekinanta for Spice Diana and Muliro for Anita the Diva. This has helped me get some knowledge on the music industry and I believe it is for the best.

The music industry has helped me get in touch with quite a number of people and to me that is an achievement and I am hoping that I will get many more achievements as time goes on.

When you have just joined the music industry, it is not as easy as you imagine. First, there is a lot of disrespect for upcoming artistes from some promoters and DJs hence making it hard for your music to blossom. There is also stiff competition from fellow artistes and some make it rather tough for one to become popular.

Stick to your dreams and try to do music that will set you apart instead of indulging in common styles that are so competitive and hard for someone to breakthrough.

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