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Musician Jaguar tired of broke celebrity beggars

Musician Charles Njagua has condemned the increase in cases of begging from celebrities once they fall from grace.

Njagua, the former Starehe lawmaker, who is commonly referred to as Njagua, says he is tired of helping celebrities.

He further warns that he will not be contributing any of his hard-earned money towards helping a celebrity who goes broke.

“Artists need to have their shi* together. When they get a fortune they want to lead a posh life without entertaining the thoughts of tomorrow so they end up not investing,” explained the Kipepeo hitmaker.

According to Jaguar, a host of celebrities who have appealed for help from Kenyans after going bankrupt, are a product of the bad choices they made when they had a fortune.

To Jaguar a majority of celebrities do not care to invest their hard-earned fortune but rather resort to flaunting on social media how large they are living.

In particular, Jaguar pointed out the case of one music producer Magix Enga who was known to flaunt his wealth and sometimes even mock fans, but who has now been begging fans for financial assistance since hitting rock bottom.

“The other day (Willy) Tuva asked me that we go and support Magix Enga and I told him straight away, I won’t be part of such a venture, And its because all I keep seeing is him lamenting of how he helped artists but they have now deserted him. It’s his problem, music was his business but he wasn’t smart enough to monetize it, instead, he was busy showing off on social media. He is his enemy I can only be interested in helping him when I am surely convinced that he is willing to change his ignorance and arrogant ways,” Jaguar says.

Jaguar also weighed on gifted singer Mwana Mteule who was recently admitted at Kenyatta Hospital over food poisoning and appealed to Kenyans to help raise his medical bill which stood at Sh450,000.

Comedian Eric Omondi did the crowdfunding and got Mwana Mteule discharged. Once discharged Mwana Mteule confessed to having lied that he had been poisoned and apologised.

“Look at Mwana Mteule this I guy I know so well because I have helped him before. I know his ways. So when I saw him claim he had been hospitalized I didn’t bother because I knew he was not sincere and I was right. I honestly fault those who chose to help him, they should have left him to learn his lesson.

The singer went on to state that a host of musicians also suffer from an entitlement mentality and that’s why he gave up on signing more artists to his music label Main Switch Production.

“That’s why I stopped signing artists. You sign them, and then someone wants to live at your house, and wants you to buy him or her clothing as if he or she is making music to benefit only you. Music is business but most of these artists don’t act as if they don’t know that. That’s why they end up begging.

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