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Four One One

Do not force a thing in life

Do not force a thing in this life.

Of course some people interpret this to mean be lazy, do nothing with your life. On the contrary, not forcing a thing is to be in your state, to try and be in alignment all the time.

That is where the hustle culture also gets it wrong sometimes. Because it optimises for efficiency and not effectiveness. It is more about doing the right things. Wake up early (right thing), work out (right thing).

But the body is not like that. Sometimes the body just needs more sleep. Sometimes your spirit wants to spend more time with itself. Learning to listen to your body is something hustle culture will not tell you.

But back to not forcing a thing. One of the Ugandan music artistes I love is A Pass. You know he is one person that does not force a thing. He does not force the celebrity life. He is such a free soul.

Whenever I meet A Pass at an event, we just have these conversations and talk about anything. And we are not even friends. It is just two strangers that meet and discuss everything. You can have a deep conversation with him.

Recently I also had a conversation involving The Mith. And it was absolutely amazing. Even just talking about the creative process, for example when he talks about his concept for Sunny Days. Again, not forcing a thing.

And this also applies if your nature is zonked. If you are zonked, be zonked. The gods will reward you for not forcing a thing.

Sometimes I write, if I get to the end and feel that I have forced the thing or lied, I delete that thing. If you want to eat your kikomando, eat it. Do not force a thing.

I met the Kenyan DJ Kwambox. She is an absolute killer. She is a natural. I must also confess I always had something for Tomboys. I always admire revolutionary streaks in people. I love people who have some ka sense of rebellion in them. Because I think when you are not forcing a thing then you will come off weird in some ways, you will not agree with some normal things.

Initially when I saw Kwambox, I told my friend to go bring her to me. But then she was still caught up. I told my friend not to worry. Let us just relax. She will bring herself. (Again, not forcing a thing). And boom, she appeared in our space and my friend made the introduction.

I am giving all these examples just to remind you not to force a thing in this life. In this Ortega Kingdom, we force nothing. I am now speaking authoritatively on this one, if you can surrender into your natural state of being, if you can stop resisting, and fighting the world, if you can get in alignment, all else will seek you.

I read something from Al Ghazali:

“What is meant for you will reach you even if it is beneath two mountains; what is not meant for you will not reach you even if it is between your two lips.”

I repeat: “Do not force a thing!”

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