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Upclose with Kateleya and Kandle

Kateleya and Kandle

GIRL TROUBLE: Hadijja Namakula aka Kataleya and Rebecca Robbins Nabattu, aka Kandle, make up the singing girl duo of Kataleya and Kandle. The two have been at their best for the past two years with hits such as Nyash, Onsanze Ndaba, Njagala Money among others. John Kenny Adeya caught up with them.

How did you come up with your stage name?

Kataleya: We found each other when she was popularly called Kandle and I was Kataleya. So, we sort of just happened.

When we got management, we tried looking for a name but none of the suggestions seemed to be doing it for us, so we just went with what we already were – Kataleya and Kandle.

How can one differentiate Kataleya from Kandle?

Kataleya is the light-skinned one with a deep voice while Kandle is dark-skinned with a soft voice.

What inspired you to pursue music?

When we met, we were both selling clothes but we were not making money, and since we were friends and we both loved music, we decided to pursue it while looking for something that we could do together that would bring in some sensible money.

Initially, we wanted to do individual things but realised there is a lot of competition among individual artistes.

How did your journey with Theron Music start?

When we were starting out, we tried to do it on our own but it did not work out. We got some management along the way but things did not work.

It was a struggle finding management; people promised things that they did not deliver, so we decided to just jump into studio, did our songs with the hope that proper managers would find us on the way.

Our songs were bad so people advised us to find a good producer. That is when we approached Nessim. However, Nessim billed us Shs4m to write and produce the song but we did not have the money. We pleaded with him but he assured us that it was his standard rate. Long story short, Theron Music came along and they were running auditions. We auditioned and that is when our story began.

What was the journey like before you spotted the right management?


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