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DamaLie, a dark soul full of lies

On August 8, 2023, Pearl Magic Prime premiered a new series titled DamaLie. At first sight, you can tell that the series is everything far from the usual. From the graphics to the visuals, the music, and everything silver screen, DamaLie comes out of the box with captivating plot twists.

Airing on Pearl Magic Prime on weekdays at 7:30pm, this series immerses viewers into a world where dreams, desires, and harsh realities collide against the backdrop of a typical Ugandan setting.

Damalie, a dark soul full of lies

The series revolves around Damalie, a character with a multifaceted psyche whose pride inadvertently fractures her own household. DamaLie is a smart, sweet, and loving woman on the outside whilst she is exactly the reverse in her own closet. She is very dangerous, deceitful, and selfish such that she would trade anything including her family members to satisfy her own needs. The series explores high marital infidelity especially among men, and the fragility of trust.

It also touches on issues such as the high cost of living for families of low income, as well as life in higher institutions of learning. DamaLie also represents unwavering maternal love when she works hard to secure her daughter’s education, and send her to college to pursue a career in nursing. This narrative also introduces an empathetic portrayal of autism, further enriching the tapestry of diverse characters and experiences. The show unflinchingly portrays the consequences of crime, revealing the harshness of the legal system, and examines the transformative power of connections, money, and influence in dire situations. It also exposes the agonizing suffering that accompanies imprisonment or detention, leaving an indelible mark on viewers’ minds.

The making

Conceived by Ugandan producer Doreen Mirembe, the series was brought to life through collaborative efforts. The writing team, including Linda Nabbasa, Rehema Nanfuka, Esther Bwanika, and Esther Nampewo, synergized their creativity to craft a narrative that Ugandans can resonate with, mirroring their aspirations and challenges beyond home. Notably, Mirembe, the producer, also stars as Damalie, alongside a cast of some familiar faces including Phillip Luswata, Denis Kinani, Risen Kush, Nikkie Leonarda, and Ken Rukundo.

When asked about the inspiration behind the series, Mirembe said, “The story is a mirror to the struggles and dreams of Ugandans and Africans abroad in search of better opportunities. The narrative was crafted through collaborative efforts, a testament to the power of collective creativity. The challenges faced in bringing the story to life were overcome with dedication, resulting in a series that speaks to the complexities of life.”

With a runtime of 30 minutes on Pearl Magic Prime, DamaLie invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world that is as captivating as it is thought-provoking.

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