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Soul soothing Ugandan ballads to listen to this Valentine’s Day

Love is a beautiful thing that comes with many unexplainable feelings. As love birds plan to go the extra mile to rekindle their love on February 14, Ugandan musicians already put out messages to sail lovers through the day and if the right actions are attached, it can be memorable.

For those that have been successful at getting Valentine’s Day partners, it would be beautiful to start the day with Kenneth Mugabi and GNL Zamba’s ‘She Said Yes’ to celebrate your win with lyrics like, “nze nawe okubeera fembi prophecy… onkuba nga shots za Hennessey… nyumirwa nnyo nga tuli fembi mu privacy watali controversy ontwala mu ecstasy…”  The lyrics will make a woman feel that she is his dream come true.

Azawi’s strong lyrics in ‘Craving You Heavy’ will smoothen the day from working hours until meeting time. Dedicate this kind of song and immediately after your partner listens and digests the lyrics, they will be moved.

“I crave for you, it’s not just your eyes but your eye contact too… baby my fav is you…I could even drown in love and ride away with you… that’s why I long for you..” you can also express a little impatience with “onankima oba nze nkusange…” sometimes, a little obsession is healthy.

Everything’ by Winnie Nwagi has self-made love vows. The song will make your partner understand that you were made for each other. You understand them truly well and you have the whole sugar.

“I read your body like a novel, I eat you boy like a whole sugar. For you I perform the whole show eeeeh like a whole sugar. Tell me what you want I will bring for you and I can’t forget the whole sugar. See! I can never leave you lover.”

Rema Namakula’s ‘Ngonze’ is a good affirmation to tell your partner that you are at par. What better lyrics to complement your man? The song is an assurance that you are a ride or die.

The lines; “Ebyo no byewenkoza bi nkyamula nvuga no mpola bambi tompalula…biddedmu neera binkolera, yadde bimegga bi nkyamula…”.and “nze nakwefuga wenna…wenakufuna ebyange nebiggwa mutima ewange oli mugole abalala newebegula aah nze nalockinga ndi muzibe baby ndiberawo…” are the right words to pass on your message.

‘Aliba Ani’ by Chosen Becky will help you communicate your insecurities in a lovely way and also emphasize that you are to stay for fore ever. Valentine’s Day is not only a time to exchange sweet nothing, but also communicate your expectations. The lyrics, “nze manyi nakufuna nga kirabo, omutima wandya nga kiwuka, akadagala kabayagalana kuba kubeera bombi….” Put it out well that you want to be with them.

Naava grey’s ‘Nja Kwagala’ can be used to promise everlasting love. You can use it to explain how your partner’s love makes you feel and the sole reason why you are with them. The nja kwagala lyrics will help to best describe your feelings.

“Nga omukwano ogwoluberera bwegubeera, nja kwagala……nga omusana bwegutakoowa kuboneka buli lukya….nja kwagala….guno omutima kyegundagira kyenkola…” Naava sings.

If your partner is afraid of love because they have been hurt before, Kenneth Mugabi’s ‘Fight For You’ has the message this Valentine’s. It gives assurance of healing and hope for loving again. Some of the sweet lyrics in the song are; “Kubyoyiseemu bambi nkukakase ntya nti nkwagala bino bivudde kumutima…ah I will fight for you, I will die for you, I will shade my blood for you….” At a time people are fighting each other, who doesn’t want to be fought for?

‘The One’ by Lillian Mbabazi paints the real picture of love and relationships. Lillian sings of ups and downs but also a relationship beyond valentines’ day. “I want you bad you’re the best I’ve had though you make me mad I want you bad it’s always been you baibe…” she sings.

Pia Pounds might not have the best voice but her ‘Bitimba’ song has a place on the lover’s songs list. That one song paints a picture of the conversations lovers can have on Valentine’s Day. She talks about them as a couple and commitment.

“Era kankuwe byonna nkwagala nnyo tongobya omukwano gwonna gwakukumenya. Ye maama tonsekerera ngudde mubitimba si love taata wange sasira…..tugendeko mbazadde bange….”

Let Carol Nantongo’s ‘Nyiga Wano’ take you home or keep you home all night. Its message and rhythm will set your rhythm free and you will dance all night.

For lovers in long-distance relationships, ‘Radio Call’ by AnKnown and ‘Omwoyo’ by Liam Voice can help to keep you hopeful. You can use the radio to send warm Valentine’s Day messages as you dedicate one or both of the two songs.

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