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Enny Mak found solace in music after heartbreak

Artiste Enny Mak.

Accounts and music balance. Enny Mak real names Enos Makwasi, 29, is an artiste and accountant who hails from Sironko District. He talks fondly about his mother, a retired music teacher.

He says his music career was born after a bad heart break. He found solace in composing and singing.

What is your real name?
Enny Mak is my stage name but Enos Makwasi is my real name.

When did you start singing?
When I was in school and my mother was a music teacher. I learnt a lot from her.
Why music besides your accountant job?
I live and breathe music. I have been singing since childhood although I reached a point in school when I had to first concentrate on studies.
After completing school and getting a job, I decided to continue from where I had stopped with music.
What do you want to be remembered for as a musician?
I would want to be remembered as a musician from Gishu land who sold his music worldwide.
I also want my music to touch people’s lives and help them to become better.
What is your style of music?
Afro beat.
First thing you do when you wake up is?
Pray and prepare for my work.
What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to soul music mostly to mend my soul.

First thing you do when you get to work is…?
I check my programme for the day and start my work.
What are some of your tracks?
Adogoda, yitega, Nuze, Wele Pambeko, Mboti, and makyina gwo Yesu.
Tell us about your fondest childhood memories?
My mother, a music teacher, now retired used to train us music dance and drama and I used to participate in all the three elements.
So, I was always very close to my mother, so I grew up doing these things and sitting home with my mum while she did her practice.
First best friend was?
My mother who was commonly known as Teacher Naume.
First book you read?
A Bible.
First job you did was…?
An accountant.
First salary?
I cannot disclose it.
What did you use the money for?
I used the money to pay my bills and I also started producing my music.

Your current job is?
An accountant and musician.

What do you think about your job?
I love what I do and I give it all my best.
What do you want to achieve in music?
I want to inspire and impact as many people as I can and also give hope to those that need it.
Do you have any role models?
My mother because she has been so hardworking and the best mother everyone would wish to have.
Most memorable experience?
Whenever I perform and see people dancing and singing along with me.
Any regrets in life?
None at the moment.
Best advice you have ever received?
Never make my mother cry not at any cost.
Your first crush was…?
I cannot reveal her name but what I know she rejected my proposal and asked that we become just  friends.
Best part of your work?
It gives me money which I invest in my music and also to do what I love.
What is the worst part of your work?
It also has challenges sometimes like any other job.
Favourite food and why?
Matooke and malewa (bamboo shoots) because it is the best delicacy in the world.

Pastime…My hobbies include:
Watching Nigerian movies, singing, travelling and making friends- By Olivier Mukaaya

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