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Entertainers fighting for the same cause

Azawi on stage at UBL’s 75th anniversary

For bars and concerts to be considered in the reopening phase, the President during his speech two weeks back said at least 4.8million Ugandans have to be vaccinated and he projected that might be possible next year. Close to two years without physical performances, some creatives have opted to start sensitising their fans to join the vaccination process.

New kid on the block Azawi was the first to request her fans take the jab. “I have been vaccinated and I kindly request y’all my fans and music lovers to do the same so that we enjoy #AfricanMusicAlbum in concerts or anywhere we want to… plus this is for your health… Let’s vaccinate,” she stated.

And immediately after, comedian Salvador also joined saying that it’s high time they started staging shows.

“Calling upon all entertainers, we’ve been hit the hardest but we’ve been told what is needed for us to go back to staging shows. “Let’s encourage our people to vaccinate,” he echoed.

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